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Welcome to Srivilliputhur Andal Temple S

Srivilliputtur ‘OH’. The very name kindles our souls. It occupies the foremost place in the 108 Divya Desams. It has a glorious past. Both VISHNUCHITTAR who had been affectionately called “PERIA ALWAR” because of his love and dedication to LORD KRISHNA and his divine daughter ANDAL who stands for the unification of the Microcasm and Macrocasm were born here. The legend is that the Vaishnavites will prostrate before the person who utter the name of Srivilliputtur. Srivilliputhur Andal Temple Srivilliputhur Andal Temple

Srivilliputtur is a temple town and one of the 108 divya desams of Lord Sri Vishnu. To the devotees and vaishnavites, Srivilliputtur is synonymous with Lord Vishnu, Periyalwar and Andal. It is an interesting place to any aesthetic person for enjoying the sculpture and ancient drawings in the temple. It gave –‘Tiruppavai’ of Andal and ‘Tirupallandu’ of Periyalvar- the hymns on Lord Vishnu to Tamil Literature. These Tamil hymns – Tamil Vedam-Alwar pasurams- are recited everyday at this temple. Andal Temple Andal Temple Andal Temple Andal Temple

The Western Ghats nearby would be a rich experience for trekkers looking for a trudge.To an entrepreneur it is not only a place for devotion; but also it gives ample opportunity for seeking business by prowling around Rajapalayam -- an industrial hub for textiles, handloom and cements -about 10 Kms from here or the world famous Sivakasi- 30 minutes drive by car- a well known manufacturing centre for match boxes, fireworks and litho printing.If you like sweets you are likely to be surprised by the taste of Srivilliputtur Palkhoa (Milk Khoa) which is as famous as Tirunelveli Halwa. Andal Temple Andal Temple

Thus attracting a diverse collection of people is situated our Srivilliputtur in Virudhunagar District about 75 kms away from Madurai from north and about 70kms away from Tirunelveli from south. From all these places Srivilliputtur is approachable by road and rail. One can go there almost at any time of the year.

The greatest attraction is the Rajagopuram of the temple with eleven tiers and 192" height it is one among the tallest towers of temples in Tamilnadu. It has found a fitting place in the emblem of Government of Tamilnadu. It signifies the ancient Tamil architecture; it symbolizes the age old matured culture and stands majestically as a proud tradition; and all are at one stroke.One can miss visiting Srivilliputtur; but never misses the emblem being affixed as Government’s ascent or acceptance on transactions, documents, or promulgation of orders or notifications.